Conventional Cartographic Wisdom that I have Failed to Grasp

When I teach cartography, I am deliberate about not presenting my students with any rules. I do not want obedience to memorized maxims — instead, I simply tell them about practices that I think are good ideas, and then I offer an explanation of my reasoning. The students can choose to follow my advice, or … Continue reading Conventional Cartographic Wisdom that I have Failed to Grasp

Projection Connections: A Very Nerdy Poster

Friends, I'm excited to offer to you a new poster. Not a map this time around, but something map-related. A 16 × 24-inch tangled web showing how 100+ different map projections are all related to each other: Click for a full PDF download. Note that this file may be updated if corrections are needed, so … Continue reading Projection Connections: A Very Nerdy Poster

Thoughts on Practical Cartographic Education

While I have not conducted a formal survey, I think I have the right impression when I say that most university cartography courses, at least in the United States, are taught by people whose primary job (when they are not teaching) is not the regular production of maps. These courses are often taught instead by … Continue reading Thoughts on Practical Cartographic Education

Simple Oblique Views in Blender

While many people use my Blender shaded relief tutorial, and associate me with the software, I'm really not much of a 3D cartographer. I make oblique-view maps only rarely, and when I do, it's usually in a simplified, abstract style, rather than the detailed, naturalistic representations that people like Tom Patterson produce. Here's a not-quite-finalized … Continue reading Simple Oblique Views in Blender