I sell prints of my work to help supplement my modest income. Click the images below to read about these projects and find links to purchase prints or download free versions.

Landforms of Michigan

Michigan Medium Resolution

A large, detailed, and extensively-labeled map of Michigan’s various moraines, plains, mountains, hills, swamps, lakes, and more.

River Transit Maps
Draft 2020-07-28 Outlined

Maps of river networks rendered in the style of urban transit maps. Perfect for the urbanite who cannot comprehend nature without it being translated into a more constructed language.

The Ways of the Framers

The streets of Madison, Wisconsin, rendered using signatures traced off of the U.S. Constitution.

Michigan: Natural Modernism

Natural Modernism Main View
A highly generalized and stylized map of Michigan, presenting the modern world in a consciously construction visual language.


Metropotamia Working 50

In 1784, a committee headed by Thomas Jefferson proposed dividing the Northwest Territory (as it would later be called) into a set of future states. I thought it might be fun to pretend that Jefferson’s ideas had been carried out, and so I decided to map his imagined state of Metropotamia.

Noteworthy Islands of the Great Lakes System


An arrangement of some of the largest islands found in the Great Lakes & their connecting waters. Comes in two versions!

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