I sell prints of my work to help supplement my modest income. The actual printing and shipping is mostly handled by third parties, but I mostly didn’t like how their storefronts worked, so I made my own. Click the buttons to read more about each piece — and, if you look carefully, you might even find links to download free versions.

Landforms of Michigan

A large, detailed, and extensively-labeled map of Michigan’s various moraines, plains, mountains, hills, swamps, lakes, and more.

1822 Michigan with Modern Relief

I carefully warped modern data to conform to the charmingly inaccurate coastline of this 1822 map of Michigan.

The State of Metropotamia

In 1784, a committee headed by Thomas Jefferson proposed carving the Midwest into several states, including one called Metropotamia. While this plan was never enacted, I thought it would be fun to see what a modern-day Metropotamia might look like.

Lake Michigan Unfurled

What if you took the shoreline of Lake Michigan, cut it, and unfurled it into a straight line? The result is a print that is absurdly long (or wide, depending on how you like it), but pretty awesome.

Round Islands and Îles Rondes of the US & Canada

It turns out that there are a lot of islands called “Round Island” or “Île Ronde” in the US/Canada, so enjoy this jumble of all of them shown at the same scale.

River Transit Maps

Maps of river networks rendered in the style of urban transit maps. Perfect for the urbanite who cannot comprehend nature without it being translated into a more constructed language.

Continental Divides (Cyanotype Series)

A series of posters revealing the major drainage divides of each continent. Each poster is printed manually, using sunlight.

Continental Divides (in Color!)

Similar to the above, except in color, available only for North America, and printed using traditional color ink processes (and thus, more affordable).

Typewriter Maps

Custom-made on a genuine manual typewriter from the 1980s. Oddly popular. Guaranteed to be full of interesting smudges and oddities.

Noteworthy Islands of the Great Lakes System

An arrangement of some of the largest islands in the Great Lakes. Comes in two different styles!

Michigan: Natural Modernism

A highly generalized and stylized map of Michigan, presenting the modern world in a consciously construction visual language.

The Ways of the Framers

The streets of Madison, Wisconsin, rendered using signatures traced off of the U.S. Constitution.

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