River Maps: Upper Saint Lawrence

The upper portion of the Saint Lawrence watershed. I wish that I didn’t have to split this one into two maps, but the layout of my atlas made it largely unavoidable. In the process of constructing this map, I learned that there’s at least one business called “Monsieur Muffler,” which has forever shattered my notions of French as a language of elegance and grace.

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2 thoughts on “River Maps: Upper Saint Lawrence

  1. How did you manage to miss the relatively large Rideau River going through Ottawa, as well as smaller places like Smiths Falls and Kemptville (both far larger than Pakenham or Blakeney on the Mississippi)? Yes, it does have a parallel canal now, but the river was always there.

    • Hello David, These maps exclude thousands upon thousands of rivers, for a variety of reasons. Please do not confuse “manage to miss” with “chose to generalize/abstract out.” I understand that you would do things differently, and in fact if we had a dozen people make these maps, we’d all come out with slightly different results. -Daniel

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