River Maps: Lower Ohio River

The lower Ohio River watershed, rendered as an urban transit network, meaning the portions from about the confluence of the Scioto and below.

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2 thoughts on “River Maps: Lower Ohio River

  1. Can you give me a sense of the difference between the default paper type “Value Poster Paper (matte)” and the upgrade to “Poster Paper (semi-gloss)”? Most posters are somewhat shiny, so I’m guessing that the semi-gloss is what I think of as normal poster stock. Also, if I get the standard 20 X 30 print, how good is the resolution? Sometimes when I buy posters online, they basically print them from a big ink-jet printer and look a little fuzzy and pixelated when you look at them up close.


    • Hi John,

      All fine questions. Unfortunately, I don’t have answers to most of them, as Zazzle handles everything for me. If, for example, I wanted to see how the various paper stocks worked out, I’d have to actually order a print at retail price of each one. They’ve changed the paper types a bit snice I last ordered, so I cannot speak to the glossiness of the basic stock. I’ve ordered a few test prints in the past (to make sure everything was of sufficient quality that I felt comfortable selling with them) and I’ve been satisfied with the resolution. I send Zazzle a vector PDF, rather than a raster, so the quality is as high as they can print.

      I believe they have a 100% satisfaction return policy, so if you do go ahead and order, and are dissatisfied with the paper type or quality, you should be able to get a refund.

      I’m sorry I’m not able to be much more help. I don’t have the means to handle my own printing and shipping and the like, so I have to rely on others; unfortunately, this has some downsides.


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