2022 Freelancer Survey Results

Thank you once again to everyone who participated in this year’s survey of freelance cartographer rates and business practices! Herein, you will find the results of the survey, sliced into a few different charts and visuals, all crafted by my survey partner Aly Ollivierre.

For previous surveys, we offered the results in the context of a text-based chat featuring out thoughts and analysis. This year, time and energy constraints, and a couple of years of pandemic life, mean that instead, we will present you simply with the data, and leave the analysis to you. Probably most people just want to see the numbers anyway.

If you’d like to be notified when the next survey is conducted, you can sign up for our email list: bit.ly/cart-list.

In many cases, there are analysis we did behind the scenes that turned out not to be interesting, or show no correlation, so sometimes an absence from the set of charts below is meaningful. But, if you’d like to see the data sliced in other ways, leave a comment! Without further ado, here are Aly’s visuals.

Median rates by work type:

Median rates by experience level:

One thought on “2022 Freelancer Survey Results

  1. Thanks, Daniel, for making this available!

    It’s great to see where others in the industry are standing in terms of income. I am often wondering!

    Maria Kottermair**, GISP Geospatial Scientist | Micronesia

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