Projection Cards: Now a Reality

A couple months back, I floated an idea for making some fun trading cards based on map projections. I’m very happy to report that several dozen of you responded and contributed designs to help make the set happen. I’ve been spending several weeks on managing everyone and working through logistics, and I’m pleased to now be able to offer a pre-order of The Projection Collection.

Note that some designs are still being finalized (the photo above is from a test print). You can order cards either for delivery, or for pickup at NACIS 2022, by clicking the buttons:

I’m operating this as a not-for-profit venture, selling everything near the actual production/shipping cost, so I hope you’ll help spread the word and get these into as many hands as possible.

I will keep pre-orders open for the next few weeks. At that point, all orders will be closed; this as a one-time event, to spare me the ongoing logistical work of sending out orders throughout the year.

I’m excited to share all these great projections with you!

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