Trying a Kickstarter

Kindly readers, the time has come, as it must for all Internet denizens, for me to venture into the land of Kickstarter:

Over the years, I’ve featured a lot of maps on this blog and on my Twitter account, and almost none of them have been printed. Those that do get end up in my store are offered as print-on-demand products, produced one at a time. But I’m hoping your support on Kickstarter will enable me to try something new: getting my work out there as an offset print poster.

My Landforms of Michigan piece recently won Best in Show & Best Reference Map at this year’s CaGIS Awards, and now I’d like to move it from my hard drive and into people’s homes.

So, if you’re so inclined, please check it out. And if you know people who might be interested, I hope you’ll help me spread the word!

And if this goes well, there are more than a few other map posters I’d like to try getting printed. Some already exist as files on my computer, and some remain in my imagination. This is a new frontier for me, and I hope you’ll consider helping me reach it.

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