Monochrome Mapping Results

Gentle readers, I am very excited to announce that the Monochrome Mapping Competition has finally wrapped up! Over 150 entries were submitted from all over the world, which was far beyond my expectations. My thanks to everyone who made this possible, including the judges and the entrants. I was inspired to see so much beautiful work, and it was difficult to pare down such a great group of entrants into a final selection.

Also, I’m rebranding the competition as MonoCarto 2019, a name suggested by Arnaud Hannequin.

Finally, I hope you’ll join me this year at NACIS 2019 in Tacoma, Washington. There, I’ll be giving a talk about what it was like to run a (fairly large) mapping competition, some of the challenges that came up, and lessons learned. Printed copies of the maps will also be on display in the NACIS Map Gallery.

Ok, enough preamble. I suppose you want to see all these beautiful winning maps I’m talking about.

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