Store Launch

Being as my friends and colleagues over at Axis Maps have met with some success in selling their excellent typographic maps, I thought I would try my had at this whole game of making money on the Internet. So I’ve put up a few of my river maps up for sale. For more info and some images, click here. We’ll see what the future brings. I’m also donating a share of my profits to watershed conservation groups.

A far-off future desire is to expand something like this to encompass the work of others besides myself. I remember I had a student ask me once, “where can I buy cool maps?” I couldn’t really tell her where. There are stores that sell reference maps, of course, but there’s not really a go-to hub for thematic maps, for cartographic art that you’d want to put on your walls. At least, not one I’m aware of. I have friends and colleagues who have put together great designs, and perhaps someday we can unite together to show everyone that maps are more than for getting from A to B, and give them a place to obtain such things. There’s a demand out there for these things, but its fulfillment seems a bit scattered, to me.

Here’s a detail image of one of the maps. To see more images, I’ve set up a page linked here.

Southwest New England

7 thoughts on “Store Launch

    • Thanks =). Perhaps you can use it to navigate around Midland and its surroundings. Fun fact I learned while making that one: there’s a town on the Saginaw River called Zilwaukee. Named that way so that settlers would confuse it with Milwaukee, and move to Michigan instead.

      • Wow, that’s sneaky!

        I guess anyone who falls for that deserves to live in Michigan? ;)

        Just kidding. I’ll stop making fun of it when I move there. Maybe. :)

        [sorry to reply in the wrong place… apparently I can’t delete it!]

  1. Wow, that’s sneaky!

    I guess anyone who falls for that deserves to live in Michigan? ;)

    Just kidding. I’ll stop making fun of it when I move there. Maybe. :)

    • I made comment because I knew you would have a snarky comeback =). But those words will come back to haunt you once you’ve settled in and gone native.

  2. Nicely done! I like the subtle color scheme. You don’t need the typical transit map colors for this purpose. I put some of them up on my blog-hope you don’t mind.
    How about the Delaware and Susquehanna systems next?

    • Thanks for the kind words. It’s interesting that you mention the typical transit map colors, because I’ve had a couple of people suggest that I make a version of one of these with the bright greens and reds and yellows you’d find on a subway map. I’m not sure that’s so much to my personal taste, however.

      Thanks for the mention on your blog; I don’t mind at all. As a minor request — could you link them to this page: ? I’m trying to make that more of my main storefront than the Zazzle site, since the latter doesn’t allow as much customization or control.

      I’ve had a couple of calls from colleagues around the UW Cartography Lab to pay more attention to the east coast, so I’ll put the Delaware and Susquehanna on the list =).



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